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If you had a magic wand, would you give children the gift of peace and self-acceptance?


I believe everyone has a universal right to playfulness, and whole-body, radical self-acceptance. The eight limbs of yoga can help everyone access contentment that comes from an internal spring supporting us through the struggles and strife of life with grace. I practice and teach the modalities of Yoga, AcroYoga and meditation because they inspire introspection, self-acceptance and playfulness in community reflection.

My passion is in making the tools of yoga as accessible as possible to as many people, especially children as possible. I love offering empowering teacher trainings and working with kids of all ages.


About  Deven

Deven Sisler, the founder of her own Kids Yoga & Mindfulness teacher training, is a forerunner in making the esoteric accessible and fun. Drawing from two decades of study of the eight limbs of yoga, she published her first book, "The Yamas in Pajamas: A Guide to Getting Started with Yoga for Kids and their Adults" in 2023.

She has been teaching yoga to adults and children since 2005, and AcroYoga since 2007. She currently offers private weekly classes, manages Namaspa's Children's Programs and Kids Teacher Trainings. She is a twice certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, 500 hour RYT, senior AcroYoga and CircusYoga Teacher, known for her joyful, playful approach to partnership and collaboration, and her articulate teaching. 

Deven welcomes parents, grandparents, current yoga teachers, educators, counselors, caregivers, therapists and everyone who wants to share the practice of yoga with children. To teach the children well in these modern, changing times is her focus and her hope is to support the next generation with tools that build self-awareness, confidence, comfort and strength.

How Did Deven Get Here?

I was in Banda Aceh, Indonesia in 2005 doing relief work after the Indian Ocean Tsunami living in a makeshift ashram, learning how to meditate with a Buddhist nun, and fasting on the moon cycle when I realized I needed to drop out of my graduate program. Faced with such tragedy and destruction, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to personal introspection & self-acceptance. A few months later, I had moved back in with my parents and was accepted Into my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Cyndi Lee, Frank Mauro & Heather Shaw at Om Yoga in Union Square NYC. As soon as I graduated, I started teaching yoga in schools, to families, adults and kids. 


After traveling the world and teaching for a decade I found myself in a workshop of 200 people hosted by Seane Corn & Sianna Sherman in Portland,Oregon. They were asking us which populations we teach to, and I was one of two people who were teaching to kids. In that moment, I began the journey towards teaching teachers, as the next generation needs these tools more now than ever.

Teach Kids Yoga.

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