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Learn to share the principles of yoga with the children in your life. Meditations, Asana, and Lessons, and...


Everyone has the universal human right to playfulness, connection, and whole-body awareness. When we experience this deep connection to ourselves, we access contentment that comes from an internal spring and can support us through the struggles and strife of life with grace. The modalities of yoga, mindfulness and AcroYoga vehicles to access this journey.  

These are the three pillars of the work that Deven Sisler shares with children, families, and educators to create more connection in community, in real life. She has over 20 years of practice and teaching these modalities, and now offers curricula and teacher trainings for all community leaders to create more equity through movement and play.

We welcome you to a new way to connect with yourself, your family, and the world around you.



    Ready to share the gift of flight with kids and teens? Maybe you just want to play more with your family. Our modular Family AcroYoga Teacher Training is the perfect opportunity to do both. We invite you to join us on this spectacular journey to connection & play.



    Learn to teach the practice of yoga to children in schools and studios. Our modular teacher training allows for a full journey or ala carte participation based on your chosen focus. Perfect for educators, counselors, and yoga teachers or anyone who wants to share this incredible practices across generations.



    Yoga for students AND educators!

    We can either provide a certified yoga teacher to come to your school or  train your current educators to bring the practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to your classroom.

About  Deven

Deven has been teaching yoga to adults and children since 2005, and AcroYoga since 2007. These key pieces of mastery coupled with her background in theater, art, and circus collaborate to create an embodied teaching practice for those who want to share Kids Yoga and Family AcroYoga for others.

She has studied with masters of their craft including Janet Stone, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Amy Matthews, Ethan & David Nichtern, Jason & Chelsey Magness, Lux, Chris Loebsack, Cyndi Lee, Kevin & Erin Maile O'Keefe, Jennifer Yarro, and Jyothi Larsen. She is continuously learning, growing and evolving her dedication to self-practice and exploration. In 2005, she finished writing her Children's Yoga Teacher Training manual (with the massive support of Suzie Newcome) and built the curricula recognized by the Yoga Alliance that trains Kids Yoga & Family AcroYoga Teachers with exemplary skillfulness and a focus on social justice and inclusivity.

Deven has worked with and welcomes parents, grandparents, current yoga teachers, educators, counselors, caregivers, therapists and anyone who wants to share the practice of yoga with children. To teach the children well in these modern, changing times is her focus and her hope is to support the next generation with tools that build self-awareness, confidence, comfort and strength.


Grow your compassion. Learn to Teach Kids Yoga.


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