Family AcroYoga was developed as a way to stimulate playfulness, bonding and clear communication with the joy of physical movement for families and mixed age group settings.

Our program focuses on the art of teaching Family AcroYoga in a safe and encouraging environment over six days culminating in a Festival taught by participants on the seventh day! This training is designed to:

  • ENHANCE practical Family AcroYoga know-how

  • BUILD body & mind awareness 

  • CULTIVATE positive thinking, trust & the community mind

We will grow your capacity to work simultaneously with children and adults, and help you to develop the knowledge to spontaneously adapt the content of your lesson plans to  capable of simultaneously working with both children and adults


We will also share various skills including how to ‘manage’ large groups of adults & children, how to establish clear means of communication, how to practice elaborate physical exercises with the age groups, and how to make workshops and classes Interesting, beneficial and fun for children and parents.

Best part?

This training can be a standalone

50 hours Family AcroYoga Teacher Training certification; 50 of your 95 hours towards

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

or continuing education credits. 

  • Intro to Kids Yoga Philosophy Online Course
    Available Anytime
    Virtual Course
    Available Anytime
    Virtual Course
    This 8-hour online course is the first place to start to learn more about Kids Yoga or begin the journey to becoming a Kids Yoga Teacher. You will receive inspiring videos, self-care practices, reading & journal assignments that promote non-reactivity and lay the foundation of working with children
  • ONLINE Module 3: Warriors of Loving Kindness
    Thu, Apr 02
    Live, Interactive Zoom Class
    Apr 02, 2020, 10:00 AM PDT – Apr 30, 2020, 1:30 AM PDT
    Live, Interactive Zoom Class
    In module 3, we develop our capacity to support our kids as Warriors of Loving Kindness. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice teach: - learn how to apply a peak pose in a kids yoga class - yoga philosophy for kids with a focus on Asteya & Bramacarya...
  • Family AcroYoga Teacher Training
    Tue, Sep 21
    The Hive & Tula Movement Arts
    Sep 21, 9:00 AM PDT – Sep 27, 6:00 PM PDT
    The Hive & Tula Movement Arts, Bend, OR, USA
    The power of partner yoga is the foundation of this module, which is an intensive 7-day course. This course deepens the reach of the AcroYoga curriculum to include partner yoga to include children, parents, and family.
This training is for...

This course is a special offering for AcroYoga practitioners and is open to those who have completed three modules of our Kids Yoga Training and are stoked to focus on Family AcroYoga. We encourage you to apply, and then schedule a call with Deven to prepare you and make your training the best it can be for where you are at


This course is a special offering for AcroYoga practitioners but is open to those who have completed three modules of our Kids Yoga Training already and are stoked to focus on Family AcroYoga. We encourage you to connect with Deven prior to applying to prepare you and make your training the best it can be for where you are at.

Begin with our online course, Introduction to Kids Yoga Philosophy. Continue in-person for 2 modules offered multiple times per year that will hone your understanding, practice teaching, and integration. These can be taken ala carte for continuing education units (CEU), or in sequence to prepare for the full certification.


The full certification allows for one of two focuses: To become a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, or to become a Certified Family AcroYoga Teacher. These foci are specialized and will allow you to share these practices formally as an extension of your teaching practice. If you are already an AcroYoga Teacher, you get a discount. Please choose that option when you register. 


Again, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to

contact our team directly






Online Course




MODULE 1 of 95-hour Kids Yoga  TT

-or- 8 hours non-contact CEU





Weekend Workshop


2x / year


MODULE 2 of 95-hour Kids Yoga  TT

-or- 17 contact hours CEU



Children Meditating


Weekend Workshop


2x / year


MODULE 2 of 95-hour Kids Yoga  TT

-or- 17 contact hours CEU






Week-Long Training


2x / year


MODULE 2 of 95-hour Kids Yoga  TT

-or- 50 contact hours CEU


How much AcroYoga do I need to know to start this course?

We ask that you have a well-rounded embodiment of the concepts and practice of: 1. AcroYoga (recommended: at least 1 year experience) 2. Yoga or other mindful modalities, including tai chi, acrobatics, aerial silks, rock climbing, tae kwon do, or martial arts. (recommended: at least 1 year experience) 3. Massage: a minimum of 10 hours of massage experience both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition). We are also looking for candidates that have experience with kids in a formal or informal setting. Please contact us if you have any questions about the requirements- really we mean this. We can schedule a video call to align on what you'll need, and assess how the experience you already have will benefit you in this training.

What is the application process?

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Do you offer discounts, scholarships, or work-study opportunities?

Yes, we do! We always offer a special discounted ticket for certified AcroYoga Teachers. We also offer 2 partial scholarships. Please contact Deven to receive the application. And, we also offer 2 work study positions. And for that application, please contact Deven.

What should I do if I love AcroYoga and want to share it with my family? Do i need a previous certification or modules in order to participate?

You do not need to have a previous certification in other modules to participate, but we STRONGLY recommend for you to take Module 1: Intro to Kids Yoga Philosophy so that you have a deeper understanding of non-violent communication and yoga philosophy.

Is housing, transportation, or food included in the tuition?

This program is a day program only. All students are responsible for their own housing, transportation and food during the training. That said, if you need help with housing, we will share that need with our community, who often host students from out of town. You can request that when you fill out your registration form for this workshop event.


We will help you plan your 

Family  AcroYoga