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This is why I offer Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings

When I was young, I struggled with overwhelm, anxiety and undiagnosed depression. Outwardly, I seemed to be thriving and even excelled in my endeavors. I seemed fine, but I wasn’t. I couldn't do a handstand (didn't think I could learn) and had never heard of meditation. When I discovered meditation and mindfulness as an adult, it helped me build a foundation of inner awareness, self-acceptance, and fortitude. I often wonder who I might be if I had found those practices earlier in my life.

Have you ever wondered who you might be if you discovered yoga or meditation earlier in your life?

While we can’t go back in time, we can make use of these tools today to support ourselves and the children around us. We can provide support to families and our communities here and now. Neuroscience studies show that the practices of mindfulness and meditation can even change the epigenetic patterns our children inherit, which can promote protection and resilience in the nervous system.

I have crafted my kids yoga trainings to meet YOU exactly where YOU are as a working parent, busy educator, or engaged grandparent. In order to support the children in our lives, we need to support our own well-being and regulation. My trainings are organized into modules that you can take in a linear fashion to become a certified kids yoga teacher or in your own time to enhance the yoga and mindfulness in your life.

The upcoming Mindfulness for Children module will explore what yoga is beyond asana (physical postures). There will be no down dogs, handstands or stretchy pants needed, just the willingness to carve out space and connect to your own breath. We will explore co-regulation, window of tolerance and how to teach your own guided meditations in a storylike fashion.

I am so excited for weekly cohort calls with inspiring community; daily practices that enable us to be available to attunement with children; mind-expanding podcasts; and time my truly phenomenal co-teacher, Kelli Mae. I truly hope you will join us.

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