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Class Plans, Themes and Why I Wrote My First Book

I started teaching kids yoga in NYC in 2005, by 2007 I was teaching approximately twenty classes a week. My schedule consisted of Baby & Me Yoga, Family Yoga, Kids Yoga, CircusYoga, AcroYoga and vinyasa yoga for adults. I was busy, and as a creative writer I was drafting class plans for every session. I slowly started shifting to using weekly themes to keep myself focused and inspired. Then I began folding in my study in philosophy of the Yoga Sutras and make the esoteric accessible in all different environments with people from varied backgrounds.

I kept writing, and there was a shift from drafting class plans to recording the tools and techniques that were really working. That writing became the manual and after using the manual in my kids yoga teacher training for six years, I wanted to make these precious tools, techniques and concepts more available by publishing a book.

When I started researching how to write a book proposal for publishers, I discovered there is an abundance of books that cover the eight limbs of yoga for adults, and there is a growing wealth of wonderful books for children which focus on the benefit of practicing postures (Asana, the third limb) and breathing (Pranayama, the fourth limb). I searched and searched, but I couldn't find a book on all eight limbs for kids (please contact me if you know of one!). So I began compiling my notes and reflections write it. With my first publisher rejection and some mentor encouragement, I decided to self-publish with BookBaby.

It turns out the eight limbs of yoga is an enormous undertaking, and I wouldn't finish or publish for years to come. My mother-in-law suggested the title, "The Yamas in Pajamas" and those words resonated so well with the balance I hope we can attain in bringing yoga to children and youth. We can read in the chaos, meditate surrounded by laundry, mindfully wash the dishes and reflect on how we talk to ourselves and each other and it doesn't matter what we wear.

I have been asked why I wrote this particular book and an answer from deep in my soul reminds me that I am writer and have been since I could remember. I have written poetry, plays, stories, articles and blogs. I write fiction and non-fiction and have notebooks full of ideas. I am always up for a good question and the good question is why did I publish this particular book? The Yamas, are a treasure trove of precious gems that have changed my life and I want to share them with as many people as possible.

This book is trail guide to exploring the first limb of yoga, the Yamas, for kids so that together we may all access an inner wellspring of confidence and guidance towards contentment in modern times. In each chapter, I offer personal reflections, discuss the principles in detail and provide examples of how it can be practiced in everyday life for kids and their adults. The concepts of compassion, honesty, letting go, moderation and enoughness have helped me discover the sacred in the mundane, and peace in parenting while maintaining balance.

The Yamas in Pajamas is a fun and engaging book that I hope will appeal to both Yogis and non-Yogis alike. The book focuses on breath work, meditations, journaling, affirmations with pictures that help to make the principles more accessible. It is a great resource for parents, teachers, caregivers, and kids yoga teachers who are interested in forging a path of co-learning with the next generation and bringing more mindfulness into our world.

Get your signed copy of The Yamas in Pajamas from my shop, or from Amazon. If you already have a copy, please write a review.

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