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Family Yoga | Camel Pose

Family Yoga can be a little more messy, a little more noisy than a regular studio class, and its ok. We don't always have the privilege of compartmentalizing our self-care practices. It makes me chuckle when a guided meditation instructs me to, "find a comfortable place where I won't be disturbed". That is not always possible, nor can we always wait for the storm to pass. Instead, we practice things like yoga and meditation, so we can be the eye in the center of the storms of life.

The best way to get our children to "do yoga" is to do yoga ourselves. They may participate, or they may watch, or they may wander off. Each time you roll out your mat, is one more opportunity for them to join in. You are also modeling how you learn, how you prioritize self-care and they will indeed reap the benefits of your increased self-awareness, relaxation and strength/flexibility.

Camels can store water for long walks through the desert, I hope this practice helps fuel you in mind-body-spirit through whatever this day will bring.

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