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My Recovery Update | Life after Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

On October 4th, my doctors office called. I hate when they call, because no news is good news lately. I spoke with my physicians assistant and she confirmed, that my tests came back negative (which is positive). This is all to say I am in the six month window of clear and officially healthy. It is a glorious place to be.

The next week, I got to talk to my doctor over the phone. She had just called to say hi and check in (I guess we do live in a pretty rural area). She said she had worried about me this passed year and was so relieved that the treatment was a success. We reminisced on some of the more difficult moments and spoke of the future. I got to thank her for such an accurate diagnosis, for such an effective treatment. She told me we can think about conception again in March 2017 and need to be careful until then because GTD can return if we conceive before then.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed by and write this yoga sequence for Yoga Journal to support women going through loss and everything associated with it. I would love to write more about my experience to contribute to the resources of support, while breaking down the walls of shame, humiliation, and ignorance around miscarriage. I continue to talk to other women regularly about their miscarriage experiences and I am so inspired by the strength and camaderie.

I am enjoying my time with my partner and our little dog. I super stoked on my energy level as we explore Oregon by mountain bike, yoga, long walks, short runs and AcroYoga. Somedays I sleep in, but more often I wake up before dawn for meditation, mantra and pranayama practice by candlelight as the sunrises . After a full 8-9 hours of sleep, it is a nourishing practice and I really savor a full night of uninterrupted rest.

My husband is no longer sure he is keen on the idea of babies. He said, he didn't realize that the options were "baby, no baby, dead wife." And he doesn't like the idea of that last option, neither do I. We have a few months to not think or worry about what the future holds, but to enjoy each and every day.

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